ALMA Systems is a professional LED Lighting solutions supplier from Poland. We develop indoor and outdoor lighting products. All our products are CE & RoHS compliant. Our focus is on providing light fittings manufactured in Europe with carefully selected, top-quality and highly efficient components.

Creative Lighting Solutions

We provide modern LED lighting for offices, commercial facilities, industry, public utility buildings, street lighting, as well as lighting for special applications. If requested, we deliver solutions which reflect individual requirements of our customers in terms of light colour, brightness, lighting control and power consumption.

Shop Lighting
Nos solutions d’éclairage LED d’accentuation pour la mise en valeur de votre commerce.

We have chosen quality and efficiency of our products. Each of our luminaires at design and implementation stages is being prepared carefully in order to exploit LED technology potential to the maximum. We follow the constant development of LED technology to always deliver innovative and very high quality lighting solutions.

Thanks to our competent team of engineers and sales people, we offer you assistance and advices at every stage of your project. We know how important for any business today is to save electric energy. Thus, we strive to achieve the best possible rates of return on investment while designing and implementing our Lighting solutions.

Eclairage Tertiaire
Eclairage économique et efficace pour eclairer les bureaux, couloirs, escaliers et parties communes, parking …